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How To Make Easy Money

Money : Money Management

Sell all your old books and so on that you are never going to read again. Let's face it, once you've read the latest fiction by your favourite author, the chances of it getting read again are... well, very very slim. They're just not the sort of books that you can re-read. And what is the point of books? That's right... to be read.

So, what to do? Most people just leave them lying around to go old and mottled, taking up shelf space. What a waste! Sell them on at car boot sales and so on. You can get a few pounds for a good quality paperback, and upwards of five pounds from a hardback. If you've got about 20 or so books, you can be looking at taking in 100 pounds very easily thank you very much. Enough to buy some more books that you haven't read, or treat yourself!

You might even be able to buy old books off your local library incredibly cheaply, and once you've read those sell them on yourself - in this case you can actually make a profit and get to read some really great books as well. Bargain!

By: Simon Cash on Sat, Jun 22nd 2002

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If they're nice books in good condition, you can also sell them on Amazon..

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