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How To Make Great Roast Potatoes

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Some people find it tricky to get roast potatoes just right - they're either too soggy or so crispy they're black on one side! Try following this method for good results!

1. Place potatoes in a large pot - don't cram them into a little one but give them room to move. Fill pan with cold water until it just covers the potatoes, then bring to the boil and boil for about 5 minutes.

2. Turn on the oven to a high temperature, normally around 220C or Gas Mark 7. Pour the oil into a large roasting tin and place on the top shelf. Allow to heat thoroughly - this is what will give the potatoes the crispy coating. But be very careful when removing the hot oil from the oven.

3. Drain the potatoes then return them in small batches to the pan. Shake the pan hard so that the potatoes become fluffier. You might also want to try adding some plain flour to the pan and letting this coat the potatoes as you shake the pan, as this is said to help the potatoes become crispy in the oven.

4. Take the hot oil from the oven and carefully add the potatoes. Turn them quickly so the oil coats all sides then replace the tin in the oven on the top shelf and cook for about 1 hour, checking periodically that they are not burning on one side. Make sure you turn them once halfway through.

5. They are ready to serve when they are soft in the centre, with a golden and crispy coating.

By: Bev Woolfson on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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