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Make Home Work Easier


Put a timer switch on the TV so after one hour of returning from school its time for home work. Lure them to the table with snacks so they can eat while they work.

Make home work fun for younger kids by turning it into a game or reward them for each one they get right.

Sympathise with older children's work loads and dont pile on the chores list for as soon as they've finished. They deserve a chill out time.

Hide the mouse and keyboard from the computer whilst they are at school so as soon as they get home they have to complete their work before playing.

Use great homework websites such as Sky Learning, which is ideal for GCSE and A Level students, and learning TV shows are also available.

Go to CBBC and click on on ‘Bitesize’ (bottom left hand corner of home page) for work help. Homework Elephant is good too.

Some kids think they can do the bare minimum they can get away with, whereas others over do it and spend hours getting it right. Find a balance.

By: Danielle

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