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How To Make Money From The Internet

Computing : Internet

Everyone thinks that it is easy to make money off the net. And a few years ago it was certainly much easier than now - everyone who came up with an idea was the first to do so in a field and so could just take all the business in that area. Now, if you think of a service there are a hundred other people offering something similar and are more established than you are so can offer it at a lower price.

So what do you do then? Well, the best option is to come up with that brilliant idea that no-one else has done yet - or at least no-one else has done well. If there is something out there that you really feel that you can do better than by all means do go ahead and have a go.

But failing that, you will just have to do something else. So what sells? Well one area where there is always space in the market is to do with adult entertainment - so if you fancy giving this a go, just about anything in this area with the correct advertising on newsgroups and the like seems to make money.

If you don't fancy this, what then? Well, you don't have to sell a traditional product like T-shirts or clothing of some sort, or food. There are lots of people already offering this and it may be quite difficult to match the prices without losing a lot of money at least in the short term. So what you need to do is sell some sort of information. This is the great thing about the internet - access to all sorts of information. Most people are experts on one field or another. Perhaps you have worked in recruitment for 20 years and are an expert here.

Then write a guide about the best way to get a job, how to construct your CV, approach companies and what to say at interview. If you can do this well, then people will usually be more than willing to purchase your expertise. You can email people the guide and save a lot of money here. It might well be worth taking credict card purchases which can be done quite easily these days via some dedicated companies that will do this for you either for a flat fee or a certain commission per deal or a combination of each. Advertise well, but cheaply, on newsgroups, teh internet and via link exchange.

If you can afford to, try targetting magazines and papers as well, though this may cost a fair bit of money so is perhaps not viable in the short term unless you are confident of a good response.

Anyhow, if you have expertise in a certain area, then simply write it all up, as professionally as possible, put it on a website, and offer it to people. Even if a very small percentage of internet users take up the offer, you can still make a nice little extra income from what people decide to purchase from you.

By: Gary Green on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

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