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How To Make Money From Your Hobby

Hobbies : Birdwatching

For many, birdwatching is a great hobby that gives them great pleasure. Many others also combine their hobby of birdwatching with a passion for photography, and taking pictures of the birds that they see.

But have you considered combining the two and making money from your hobby? Many nature photographers start off through a love of nature, and you can do the same.

The best pictures tend to be taken by people with a passion for the subject ? not just because they know the best places to go to get a shot, but they have a good feel for the subject matter.

So, if you have a camera, start taking photos. Once you have built up a decent collection and some experience, start putting your pictures either on your own website, or start offering them via a commercial gallery, of which there are many.

Alternatively, enter competitions for publicity and submit to nature and bird magazines. People love nicely framed shots, or interesting shots of perhaps birds sunbathing, or caught fighting, baby birds fledging, or birds doing odd things ? robins hovering at the nuts, or perhaps looking quizzically at the camera.

By: Stephen

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