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Make Money On EBay - Success Strategy

Money : EBay

There is no substitute for hard work when it comes to making money on eBay.

Sure you could have a one off purchase that does well, but over time to sell well on eBay and make a living from the site, you need to know your market inside out and know eBay inside out.

Therefore the first tip to success is to use the site regularly.

Browse the listings for at least ten minutes once a day for a month before you even start selling.

Note things that sell well - and decide whether it is the item that is doing well just because it is highly desired, or is the copy and title and description doing the selling?

Note down words used in listings that make you want to view an item and think about buying it.

Note down points that turn you off buying an item, and those that turn you on.

By doing research and creating a log of all this information, then you will be in a great place to sell.

Simply emulate the points you like, ditch the points you don't, and learn as you go through. Each sale is a learning experience, so make sure that you review how you did after each sale.

By: Ebay User

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