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How To Make New Years Resolutions


Making New Years Resolutions might sound easy - it's keeping them that is hard, right?

Well, yes in a sense - but often it is hard to keep them because you make too many or unrealistic resolutions.

When it comes to making resolutions, first think of elements of your life that you would like to change or improve.

One key tip is to ensure that you do not pick more than three items you want to change. Sure there might be twenty things you can think of, but that's just unrealistic. No-one can change their whole character literally overnight!

Also ensure that you do not have more than one 'big thing' each year. That will be easier to stick to.

If you resolve to go on a diet the next year, then don't also write other big things down like 'leave my job and go travelling for six months'... that one can wait for next year and the new slim you!

Also try to add something a little more light hearted and rewarding in there - perhaps like buying yourself a treat at the end of each long hard week at work.

There is no reason why resolutions all need to be hard slog!

By: Stephanie

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