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How To Make Rooms Smell Nice

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If you want to make rooms smell nice without recourse to full on smellies plastered all over the house, then here is a simple tip that you can use.

All you do is put a very small spray of perfume onto a cold light bulb (when it has been switched off all night for instance). Then when they come on again the heat will activate the scent and spread it around the room.

Note that if you use something like an essential oil then you need to be careful and always ensure that you never use anything that will cause an electrical hazard and impair the working of the bulb.

By: Fred

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Can i spray air freshner on to the bulb? what about other scent accesories lie vanilla balls and pot pourri?

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how do you get that smell from a pot pourri? some kind of oil?...
- Sat, Aug 19th 2006

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