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How To Make Salads More Exciting

Health And Fitness : Toning Your Body

Salads can be pretty boring, can't they.

There is only so much lettuce that you can enjoy. And OK you can add different types of lettuce, with different textures, but then after a while those too are pretty much much of a muchness.

So what can you do?

Well experiment. There are so many different leafs out there these days and getting them is so easy.

Go back ten or fifteen years and mention rocket and the only thing people would think of is going into outer space, but these days there are lots of tasty additions to a salad such as rocket out there.

So create a set of around ten different salads and then you can rotate them over the course of two weeks.

As well as varying things like tomatoes: and even type of tomatoes, radish, cucumber, celery, spring onion, raw onion and other things you put in there, there are also lots of different flavoured extra virgin olive oils that are good for you and tasty.

For instance there are chilli flavoured ones with a kick, and many other sorts - so again those can add variety, as can having ones without oils but say a balsamic vinegar one instead.

So don't get too bored of a salad - have variety and you can make it tasty and different each day of the week!

By: Stacy

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