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How To Make The Living Room And Kitchen Safe For Toddlers


A lot of people don't realise how many everyday items can prove a danger to young children. Anything that they can reach up and touch should be moved, such as ornaments and plants. Even if they aren't hurt by knocking these things over, they could still break and cause a mess, so it is best to try and avoid it. Take care too with anything electrical. Fit socket covers over empty sockets to stop children sticking their fingers in them, and try and tie cords together and make them inconspicuous.

Any wall units which are not entirely secure can also pose a danger as the child may shake them and cause their contents to spill on them from a very high level. Watch out too with the cords of blinds - they can be pulled down by children and even more seriously prevent a choking hazard.

In the kitchen, you should keep all flexes as far back on the counter as possible, so that a child cannot pull anything down on top of him/herself like a kettle full of boiling water. On your hob, keep pan handles turned away from the edge and use the back rings if possible.

Keep plastic bags out of reach as they can be a suffocation hazard and should not be played with. Keep knives and other dangerous implements out of reach at all times. You should also ensure that no dangerous chemicals and bleaches can be reached by the child, and one way of doing this is by installing childproof locks on the cupboard doors, and invest in a special childproof box to keep cleaning materials in.

By: Bev Woolfson on Fri, Apr 26th 2002

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