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Make The Most Of A Spa Day

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First and foremost arrive at lest 15 mins early. This will give you enough time to be shown around and get changed into your robe.

It's nice to have some time to enojy the spa facilities before your first treatment so leave your self an hour or so to relax and get into the spirit of things!

Stay for lunch! If you are visiting a luxury spa, the aim is to relax and indulge in the pampering...which includes a delicious lunch...and perhaps a glass of champagne! Take your time over lunch too, you have all day to yourself!

Leave another gap after lunch before any other treatments to give food time to go down. It's another perfect excuse to make the most of relaxation boudoirs and hydrotherapy pools!

Don't worry about the little things - therapists have seen everything before. If you have a question about what to wear under your robe for example, just ask...you won't be the first to need clarification!

For more info on how to spa take a look at
How to Spa

By: Suzy Christie

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