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How To Make Water Bills Smaller

Money : Money Management

If you want to make your water bill smaller, then the chances are that you can do this by fitting a water meter if you don't have one already.

This applies to those who are either individuals or couples, as you will effectively be subsidising all the heavy users of water: for instance large families.

It's obvious that the more people in a household the more water it will use, yet without a water meter the single person is effectively helping to subsidise the much larger water requirements of larger groups of people.

Therefore it is definitely worth getting a water meter fitted in this situation and you could save yourself large amounts of water in the process.

These are usually fitted free by your water board and often if the bill isn't reduced you can even change your mind within a period of a couple of bills or a year or so, so you really do have nothing to lose!

By: Fred

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