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How To Make Your Marketing More Effective

Business : Marketing

There is one simple thing you can do to make your marketing more effective - and that is to be more persistent.

Research has shown that we often need to let people see or know our message 7 - 8 times until they act on it.

However many of us place an advert once in a magazine or paper and get no response and therefore don't place it again.

But persistence pays off. Someone may see the message five times in the paper then the sixth time their awareness is built to the level where they continue and get the product.

Direct marketing agencies understand this well. How many times do you receive the same offer? If you are even slightly tempted by the tenth time you get the offer you are either fed up - or make a purchase. In other words they consistently market the same thing to you not for fun, but because statistically it works.

By: Fred

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