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How To Make Your Own Christmas Cards


For a truly personalised touch, consider making your own Christmas card.

The good news is that you don't need to be a great designer, as you can use a package such as Word quite easily these days to create the card.

The key is that you will need one or two good images to add to your cards.

However there is plenty of royalty free clip art on the internet that you can use - simply search for "christmas clip art" on Google or your favourite search engine, then browse the sites and choose the images that you like.

Once that is done, drag the image into your software (for instance Word) and place on the page - perhaps in the centre.

Then place your message above and below the image (e.g. Happy Christmas above, and 'love from...' at the bottom), and ensure that you use big letters.

Print in colour and there you have it - a perfect, personalised Christmas card. Now all you have to do is send it!

By: Stephen

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