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How To Make Your Own Christmas Stocking


If you want to make your own Christmas stocking to have your own unique memory every Christmas, then why not follow this tip:

First, buy a plain stocking from the shops - most retailers will do these; they may be totally basic or have an image of Santa but be blank on the other side.

Once you have the stocking, the best way to personalise it is to add your name. You can be creative here and use any style and item you like to make your name. What works well is to use glitter pens and sparkle your name across the stocking so Santa knows for sure which one is yours!

Then you can add Christmas stickers, doodles or drawings as you wish along the rest of the stocking.

For an extra luxurious stocking, consider sticking some thin strips of tinsel around the top of the stocking.

By: Stephen

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