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How To Make Your Own Fun Monopoly Rules

Games : Board Games

When playing Monopoly, it can be fun to make up some of your own rules to personalise the game.

One quite common rule that people make is to put fines into the centre of the board. So income tax and fines from chance and community chest cards are placed in the centre.

Then whenever someone lands on free parking, they are able to pick up any money that's in the centre of the board. This can soon mount up, so it's not uncommon to take a cool ?500 or so when landing on free parking, more of an incentive than normal to land on that square!

Other rules can vary play more significantly - some people even play a rule where you can build on a property as soon as you have it, with no need to develop the whole set.

This makes properties like Mayfair more attractive, and leads to large complexes of houses and hotels springing up straight away!

By: Stephen

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