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How To Make Your Own Jewellery

DIY : Decorating

There are lots of ways to learn how to make your own jewellery, some more complicated than others. To begin with, get some books from the library and information on the area that interests you most. Some of these books will also include lessons on how to start, for example simple bead stringing. They will tell you what materials to get and how much they will cost. Remember as a beginner you should not invest a huge amount of money until you are quite sure you want to make this a hobby, so just by the basics you need to get you started.

How much time you invest in your new hobby is up to you. If you want to start more complicated things, then you will need to consider time and also space in your house, especially if you have to buy certain kinds of equipment. The more complicated the kind of jewellery you want to make, the longer it is likely to take, for example working with metal. Techniques along those lines are probably best learnt from a qualified instructor as well, as they are much more involved than your basic craft stall hand made necklaces and so on.

Jewellery making is a really interesting hobby to have and not only can you make interesting jewellery for yourself, you can also make pieces to give as birthday presents, and indeed if you have the time, you could sell them on an informal basis among family and friends. If you want to go into business on a larger scale, then you would need to have a lot of practice and also spend a lot of money on your outgoings to begin with.

By: Bev Woolfson on Fri, May 24th 2002

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