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Makeup Trends For 2013

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This year there are going to be a few new trends as well as some old ones still making their way in fashion. Here is a guide for 2013 on the hottest make-up trends! Make sure you are keeping fashionable and trendy!


Pink is back!!!!!!!!!!
Last year it was all about the tangerine color, but now pink is back and will be in all the spring looks. It started by Pink Lips, and now Pink Eye shadow is making a major comeback. It was seen at the Donna Karan show. But now it is fashionable for pink everything, pink nails, lips, blusher and shadows, you can't go wrong this spring by using pink colors.

BB Creams

BB Creams are here to stay, and now they are out in different variations, textures and there are now gel and solid compacts, and shades!


The more natural look will be popular this year, with no spider eyes in sight. Less mascara is showing up more and more, with make up artists using more defining and separating mascaras instead of false lash effect.


One major trend that is new and shocking is the color green. It is being said that GREEN will be the color trend of 2013. Dark greens are sexy and not too bold or too drab, it suits all skin shades too.

Colorful Pouts

Big glossy lips are going to be trending in 2013, with a lot of matte color lipsticks being used with bright beautiful spring shades.

Big Eyebrows

Big and bold eyebrows are going to be here to stay in 2013, with the likes of Marc Jacobs and Thakoon enhancing brows to the max, creating super bold defined arches.

By: Jade

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