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How To Market Yourself

Business : Marketing

These days more people than ever actually sell themselves as a product - that is their knowledge and experience.

Whether you are a speaker, a life coach or anyone else that presents, then selling yourself is a key thing that you need to do.

How to do it?

Well you need to present yourself as an expert and you need to get a healthy set of testimonials from people who will vouch for you and your abilities.

Set up a website first that is all about you and tells others of your knowledge and prowess in the field.

Submit articles to article directories that expound your thoughts and theories - if these read well then those who view them will associate you with expertise on that subject or topic.

Also think about offering an ebook for free with your key thoughts or tips on said topic - if you talk sense this will impress people too and increase chances of you being contacted for your paid services.

By: Fred

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