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Marketing And Benefit Selling

Business : Marketing

Benefit selling is shown to be the most effective form of marketing.

This is where you don't show the features so much as list the benefits of the product and let them do the work.

To sell effectively on benefits you need to do some brainstorming.

Write down all the benefits that there are with a particular product of yours.

For instance it may be that there are two or three clear benefits, but decide which is the main one. You can even do customer research with an existing product to find out what they think are the major benefits.

Then as a result of that, you can write your copy based on these. Remember that it makes sense to highlight the major benefit first, but if there is a long list do consider using them all in bullet point form at some point in the literature, just to emphasise how much of a benefit your product is.

By: Job Expert

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