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Memory Training: Four Steps To A Great Memory

Self Development : Brain Power

There are four key steps that are involved in a good technique for remembering and storing information in your memory. These four steps are as follows:

- Association
- Visualisation
- Imagination
- Sensation

OK, so that's AVIS - but what does this mean in practice and how are these words turned into workable techniques that you can put into practice?

Association is the process of making connections between what needs to be remembered and objets or events.

Visualisation is literally that: imagining a picture in your mind that will help you remember something.

Using the two methods above combined with a vivid imagination and sensation for the most powerful effect.

Thus if you want to remember a certain sequence of events then you can paint a mental journey that has sensational images that associate each item with a particular part of the journey.

Example: to remember a list of ten objects you can imagine that you encounter weird and whacky versions of those objects in your journey each morning from getting up to leaving the house - in each room you encounter maybe a giant wallet, or a snake in the shower and so on...

By: Fred

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