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Model Competition


Hi everyone, please excuse me blatantly plugging my competition on your site, but I thought this might be of interest. I used to work with modeling agencies and hope that you all know not to pay for a portfolio - reputable agencies would rather see you in the flesh and take their own photos.

However, I'm running a swimwear model competition and the prize is a Professional Photoshoot (plus lots of goodies) and the chance to model for the companies running it: Virgin Vie At Home and BeCheeky.com. And we're not too bothered about height or perfect model measurements, so there's a chance for everyone.

It starts as an online competition - upload your photos and the public vote to a shortlist, then beauty and fashion experts from BeCheeky and Virgin Vie will judge the shortlists.

Check it out: www.iLookFab.co.uk

Good luck and thanks for letting me post this on your forum. I know how annoying promotional posts can be!


By: Justine

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Is this competition still running? 21-08-2011

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