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Modelling And Promotional Work


There is a big difference between proper modelling and being a promotions girl or promotions person.

Essentially, there are a lot more people working in promotions than are working in modelling.

Modelling tends to be the more exclusive end of the market, where you are commissioned to take shots for a magazine, advertising or similar publication. Therefore there is less demand for this work and it tends to be better paid.

At the lower end is promotional work, this is in more abundant supply and therefore easier to get into.

Typically you may have to dress up in the outfit provided and give out leaflets at an event, or wear a sash advertising a particular product. As such this work is easier to get, but is less well paid and there are many people willing to do this as a first step.

However there is no evidence that promotions work will help you become a model!

By: Stephanie

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