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Money Saving Tips For Girls

Money : Saving

Always compare prices and make sure you're getting the best deal. Compare similar shops when on the highstreet before you make a transaction, or check out prices online, perhaps using a price comparison website, or on Google shopping.

Use an online discout store when purcashing things like perfume... try Frangrance Direct, Feel Unique or Cheap Smells.

Become a Beauty VIP, which is a membership club that offers lots of discounts on various beauty products and services within the UK.

Apply for free samples, for example there are a lot at the moment for shampoos, perfume testers, moisturisers and face scrubs. If you do this every time a new offer comes up, you can use these instead of buying a new bottle of whatever you normally use. Plus you get to try out different products, you may find a new one you like!

Check eBay or Amazon to see if there are any bargains. Or swap some unwanted beauty products with friends (perfume, shampoo etc). Remember not to share make up!

Department stores also sometimes offer free makeovers, and hair salons discounted hair cuts so that their trainees can learn.

By: Danielle

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