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How To Mop A Floor

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Mopping a tiled or wooden floor can be harder than it looks, because sometimes all it seems you are doing is pushing the dirt and dust around but not actually picking anything up! Sometimes you also get a streaky pattern when it dries.

Before you start cleaning it, make sure your floor surface is suitable for the type of detergent you plan to use, as some materials can only be washed with very mild ones.

The first thing to do before you even touch the mop is to either sweep up or use the vacuum cleaner on the floor surface to get rid of all the dirt and crumbs. Then fill the bucket with hot water and follow the instructions on the floor cleaning fluid bottle as to how much to add. Dip the mop in the bucket, then ring it out before you touch the floor with it.

Unless you have a special bucket with a compartment to ring it out for you, you will have to do this with your hands, so it might be better to wear gloves. To clean the floor with a rag mop (the kind that look like a scarecrow head!) then move it in swirly, S-shaped motions, whereas if you are cleaning with a sponge mop then simply move it back and forth, up and down.

Scrub more strongly if you are trying to remove a stain. Keep ringing the mop throughout to get rid of the dirt that has gathered already.

Try and keep people from walking over the floor until after it has dried, otherwise it will dry patchily and look smeared and streaky when it is finally dry.

By: Bev Woolfson on Mon, May 6th 2002

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I used to work in a victorian open-air museum, and at the end of the day we had to mop the old fashioned way. If you've only got a broom or dustpan and brush to sweep with, before you mop, scatter water over the surface first, and then go over it with a brush. The result is that it dampens down the surface enough so that the dust can be controlled. It won't go in your eyes or up your nose. Works a treat if you have'nt got a vacuum, or need to sweep outside!

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