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More On Looking After Children


Never yell when punishing. Just a firm voice will do nicely. We're not out to scare them. Only correct. Also when you do punish, and the time is up. Explain what they should have done.

You can also say " Lets see who can pick the toys the fastest.

You can give them a clothes basket. Let them run around a pick up their toys. Then they can put them in their proper places that way. Or if you get sudden company, you can take the basket and put it in the closet. Sort everything out later.

Let your child help you fold clothes. Makes them feel important.

Get toddlers, and babies dressed before fully awake. Won't be so fussy.

Let older kids select their own gifts for their friends. You set a time to meet, and money limit.

Vacation - Pick up something cheap to keep the children occupied, until arrival. Also take a cookie sheet, so they have something to put it on. Ex a coloring book.

Vacation - Borrow some tapes from the library. Have a sing - a - long in the car. Then dad won't get sleepy.

Vacation - Just have the kids count all the cars, buses, trucks, horses etc. That will keep them busy also.

So the children can spot you on the beach. Tie a balloon to your umbrella, or chair.

So child doesn't get lost in a crowd. Tie a balloon to his belt buckle.

When shopping in cities with children. Avoid large crowds. Shop real early, or real late.

If someone gives your child a gift. Take a picture of him with it. Then send it in a Thank You.

Buy girls jumpers a little big. You can always adjust the straps.

Kids jeans. If they get too short. Just sew some material on the cuffs. If there is colors in the jeans, try an pick one of those colors.

When your child brings home art work. Take his picture. It builds self esteem.

When children are painting. Turn their shirts inside out. Then no paint will be on the front.

Put some fabric paint on the bottom of babies socks. No more slippery floors.

Babies. Use cornstarch, and no more diaper rashes.

Babies. Won't give up pacifier. Just cut some of the nipple off. Not a lot. Keep cutting a little off each day. Pretty soon flat.

Cup training from a bottle. Put something sour in the bottle. Put something sweet in the cup. No more problems.

By: Bev

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