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How To Nurse A Cold

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Take zinc gluconate lozenges. Keep these tablets on hand at all times. Use at the first sign of a cold, until symptoms cease. Dissolve one under the tongue every 3 hours, during the first 3 days. Then drop to 1 every 4 hours for a week.

Vit C will destroy the virus. Children give the buffered Vit C.

A cold is hard to cure, because it has the ability to change in size and shape. Someone else can come down with a cold in the family. It may not be the same one you had. It could be all together a different one. You could also get another cold, different than your first one. A cold has hundreds of different forms. Makiking it almost impossible to formulate a vaccine against it.

A cold is always in the upper respiratory tract. If there is congestion in the chest, best to consult doc. Chest and lung infestions can be dangerous.

Also contact doc if fever goes above 102 degrees farenheight.

Also if yellow or white spots appear in the throat.

Chills or shortness of breathe, need doc's attention.

Do not use a nasal decongestant to relieve congestion. Let that mucus flow. This is how the body gets rid of infection.

By: Bev

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