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How To Optimise An Affiliate Scheme

Business : Online Business

When running an affiliate scheme, it can be instructive to learn from the major affiliate programs and see how they work.

And like most things in life, one key strategy is to reward the best affiliates! This means that you may consider having a tiered program, whereby the more referrals you get (and the more valuable the affiliate) the more you offer them.

As a simple example, you might offer people who refer you between 1 - 5 sales a 5% commission, people who refer you between 6 and 10 sales 7.5% and anyone who refers you more than 10 sales 10%.

This way you ensure that your affiliate is kept incentivised, rewarded for their work and encouraged to get even more referrals when they are getting such a healthy stake of the value of the product!

By: Stephen

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