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How To Overcome Bad Luck


If you suffer from bad luck, then that's your first problem - you have created a mental link between yourself and being unlucky. That's what you need to break.

Here's how!

When bad luck happens to you, think positively. Don't linger over misfortune and play it back in your mind. Instead, focus on good times and play those back in your head. Push bad memories away.

The "it could have been worse" mentality is actually a very good one to adopt in your life.

For instance, if you trip over and get a cut on your hands, you might think "that's so unlucky" but just be positive - it could have been a lot worse, you could have broken your arm etc.,

By not dwelling on bad luck and actually feeling lucky that things are not worse, you can overcome bad luck and suddenly find good things happen to you.

In psychology, this is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you tell yourself you will be lucky enough and reinforce the positive vibes, then you will be lucky. This is because our brain is active in producing our interpretation of reality and our response to the world around us. It is not just a passive machine that takes inputs from the outside world.

By: Stephen

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