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How To Overcome Past Failures

Self Development : Success

From these articles, one of the major barriers to success is seen to be the fear of failure.

And often we fear failure in the future because we have experienced it in the past. So what can we do?

Well, one exercise that can be used is a meditative exercise where you remember the past and past failures, and literally rewrite them.

For each event, sit down quietly with closed eyes and recall the event. Then change the ending so that it is happy, or at least remove the negativity from the scene perhaps by making a serious scene light hearted by imagining comedy music playing in the background.

If you rewrite these scenes vividly, you will be able to truly move on from them, and have the chance for your ideal outcome to have occurred in each of those scenarios.

This is not lying to yourself, it is simply viewing past events in a more positive manner so that they do not hinder you in the future. It is unfair in yourself to allow past negative events to interfere with you having a positive future, so this is one way of helping yourself move on.

By: Stephanie

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