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How To Overcome Shyness

Self Development : Confidence

There are many causes for shyness, and there are equally many ways to try to overcome shyness.

Therefore in order to find the best way for you to overcome your shyness, you must first honestly assess why it is that you are shy.

Is it because of low self confidence, lack of confidence in your abilities? For instance do you not want to give an answer in a presentation or team meeting in case you are wrong and you are worried about others perception of you?

Once you have understood why you are shy, then try acting as if you are not shy. This means simple things at first: just make sure you walk tall, keep your eye level up: you may not have noticed but many shy people walk naturally with eyes to the ground. Don't do it - keep your head up and proud!

Over time, as you adjust to this new walk, find a role model of someone who you think is confident, and then act like them. Adopt their particular style - and your shyness may be overcome in the process.

By: Stephanie

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