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How To Paint A Room Correctly

DIY : Decorating

Housepainting can be tiring and stressful but if you keep these basic tips in mind, you can avoid a lot of the common downfalls that occur when you start painting a room!

Painting a Room: Preparation!

1. Always wear old clothes and shoes and you might want protective eyewear and a scarf or other cover for your hair.

2. Always invest in good quality paint as it will last longer, and also provide a much better cover than cheaper brands. Never buy too little either. It is better to have excess paint than to run out halfway through doing the ceiling.

Painting Tools

3. Don't be too stingy when buying brushes either, as the cheaper kind will lose their bristles in the paint.

4. Before you start painting, you should give the walls a wipe down with a sponge dipped in hot water and some household cleaner. Then remove any nails or hooks from the walls as they can catch on your brush, or cause unsightly lumps of paint to form over them. If there any noticeable holes then use a hole filler to conceal them. (You can buy this in DIY stores).

How to stop paint splashes

5. Remember to cover the room well so that the paint doesn't splatter onto surfaces it shouldn't. You can use old bedsheets to cover the carpet and any other furniture remaining in the room. You should really tape down the sides of the sheets so that paint can't creep under the sheets. Also make sure you cover the skirting boards properly too.

6. When it comes to the actual painting you work from the ceiling downwards. You can transfer some of the paint into a bucket so it is lighter to carry as you work. You will need either a stepladder to reach certain corners, or you can get an extension on your roller brush. Take care to attach this properly.

Look after your paint brushes

7. When you have finished, remember to clean your brushes properly, either with water or mineral spirits according to the type of paint, and if using the latter then be careful not to breathe in the fumes. As a rule oil based paints need more than hot water to clean the brushes. If paint has been spilled anywhere remove it as soon as possible before it dries.

By: Bev Woolfson on Sun, Jun 16th 2002

More diy painting advice

Always paint the ceiling before painting the walls. If you can't make a perfect line where walls meet ceiling, it is less noticeable to have a little of the wall paint on the ceiling than to have any ceiling paint on the wall.

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