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Pantomimes And Christmas - The Connection


Lots of people love a bit of pantomime and of course we see and associate this with Christmas (oh no we don't - oh yes we do!)

So what is it about panto and the connection of the two at this time of year?

Well, it comes from an old Italian type of comedy that was popular in around the 16th to 18th centuries.

It seems that originally they were staged at any time of year however when they got imported to Britain the case became that they were staged at the Christmas season.

Perhaps this was because some pantomimes require good will to be enjoyable, or simply that the audiences and demand were more there at this time of year, whilst people did not naturally want to go and see a pantomime in February for instance.

Whatever the reason pantos now draw large audiences at Christmas time, as people love to go and see their dramatic form with their stereotyped characters, plots, and sometimes even improvisation too!

The Harlequin also originates from the panto, interesting enough!

By: Stephanie

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