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Part 3e: Interests - CV

Jobs : Successful Job Search CV Covering Letter And Exams

This section, which includes hobbies, is your chance to show that you have a diverse and balanced life, full of interesting things. Whilst you may enjoy reading, it is not a good idea to list too many passive parts of your life here; so if you really enjoy sitting in front of the TV and watching films, then don't say this. Include 'positive', active things that you do - for instance sports that you play. If you have travelled, then include this here and make it sound interesting. If you spent a few months last summer going round Australia laying on beaches, then at least make it sound good: 'this Summer I achieved one of my goals, which was to travel independently around Australia, seeing it's many sights and experiencing that very unique Australian culture'.

Again, you should try and give information relevant to the job. Indicate to what level you have done something. So don't just say 'swimming', but 'several times a week I practice my swimming at the local club', or substitute 'I like playing tennis' to 'I have been an avid tennis fan and as such have played for ten years, including a successful period in the county squad'.

You may also be required to give referees at this stage, if you are unsure then phone up to check. Many employers do not require referees at this stage; if you are asked for them, then give their full contact detials, and say what relationship they have with you - old music teacher? Old headmaster? If you are at university, then make sure that you give one academic and one work experience referee where practicable, so that the company can have two different viewpoints on you when it comes to deciding whether to offer you that job or not. Also make sure that you ask the referee's permission to be used as a referee - it is rather rude just to list them, and they are sure not to be overkeen to do you justice when a form arrives on their desk unsolicited asking for information on your relationship with that invidivual, and requesting that they give you a glowing reference!

So, those are the areas that should be discussed in the CV.

By: Job Expert

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