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Passing Exams: Read The Syllabus

Education : Exams And Revision

With GCSE exams and also A-level exams there tends to be a syllabus.

And this is of most use with GCSEs as really everything you need to know is stated very clearly and concisely on the syllabus - yet very few people use this as part of their revision.

What you need to do is read through the syllabus and note down all the topics you could be tested on. They sometimes change from year to year and not all schools pick up on what you may be tested on in the exam when things change!

The key power of the syllabus is that the information is organised exactly as they will test it in the exam.

In other words, if you know there are ten concepts you need to know under the category 'genetics' then when a genetics question comes up on the exam, you know it will be testing one of the ten key aspects on that syllabus.

You also probably know the sort of words that you need to get in as they will be listed on the syllabus too.

Bottom line: being well acquainted with the syllabus can be a powerful help when it comes to passing exams

By: Fred

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