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How To Pay Safely On EBay

Money : EBay

Probably the safest way to pay on eBay is to use Paypal the recommended payment provider of eBay.

This is so mainly because you know that the method is secure, which gives you peace of mind, and going through this third party it is clear whether you have paid for the item or not.

Also using Paypal means that you can have some protection against foul play. Many say that when you buy with Paypal it is 'seller beware' rather than the traditional 'caveat emptor' - that's because Paypal virtually always affords more protection to a buyer than a seller.

Indeed this has actually turned many sellers against Paypal who have become concerned that people buy an item on their credit card, get sent the item, then issue a chargeback on their credit card for the item knowing that Paypal simply sting the seller a large fee unless they have very expensive proof of postage.

But that's not your worry - as the person buying the item!

By: Ebay User

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