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How To Peel Onions Without Crying

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When peeling onions, remove the first layer of onion flesh then chop without tears.

By: Eileen Harpere on Sat, Jun 8th 2002

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Also keep your mouth closed as much as possible. Another thing is if you have time, to refrigerate it for a couple hours before you chop it.

To stop yourself from crying, soak onions in water half an hour before you cut them and you'll have no tears!

Place a teaspoon in your mouth while cutting onions to stop thoses tears.

I always find that when I wear my contact lenses rather than my glasses, I absolutly don't cry when chopping onions. (This is about the only advantage of being short sighted!!).

Guaranteed no tears by chopping off the top of the onion,peeling back the skin,chop the onion with the roots intact then discard them..

To chop onions without your eyes watering, stick your tongue out and keep it out the whole time. the onion vapors go to whatever moisture is near so if it ends up on your tongue it won't end up in your eyes. it works!.

The glasses idea is OK but they're still not completely airtight. For a perfect fit I wear my kids' swimming goggles!.

I've found that if you chew gum while cuting onions it will eliminate the tears!.

Light a candle and place as close to the cutting area as possible. The flame with "burn up" the vapors from the onion. I have tried glasses - only worked some of the time for me. The leave root intact has never worked for me. I always refidgerate my onions and that doesn't make any difference for me. I have never not had the candle make a difference. It Helps SO much. I had gotten to the point that I would only chop onions in a processor until this hint from Martha Stewart was told to me. Works EVERY time. Now I can have chopped onions instead of mutilated by the processor onions. .

I've tried most of the things mentioned but i read somewhere that if you cut an onion ,dont cut near the pointy part. (the core) thats where most of the vapors are . also cut the onion a fast as you can without you cutting your self..

Suck the spoon bit of a teaspoon for some reason it really does help:-).

You can chew gum while cutting onions and you won't cry or get tears. .

Eat dry bread when chopping the onion..

Put a piece of bread on the tip of the paring knife when you chop onions...no more tears!!.

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