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How To Plan A Christmas Dinner


Decide how many guests you will be having at least a fortnight before. See if you have enough table space and in your house in general.

Work out a menu in advance too and plan for each person to eat between 1-2 worth of food. Make a to do list as well as a food shopping list. Most of it can be done a week before apart from anything that needs to be fresh.

Make space in the fridge so you have enough room for everything.

If you are making cookies then prepare the dough in advance and then freeze it. You can do the same with cakes too and wrap them up well before freezing. Frozen cakes are easier to decorate than when thawed anyway.

If you're baking cookies for the party, prepare the cookie dough in advance and freeze it. If you're serving a decorated cake, make and bake the cake parts a week or more ahead of time, wrap them well in plastic wrap and freeze them until the day before. Frozen cakes are easier to decorate than thawed ones anyway.

By: Danielle

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