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How To Plan Your Holiday In Advance

Relationships : Family Holidays

When you are going to a certain place you want to ensure that everyone gets to do something of interest for them to make the family holiday fair and stop moaning.

Therefore before you go give everyone the chance to research and look at the guidebooks and work out three things they want to do.

Then if there are five in the family and say you are there for two weeks, then pick two things from each persons list (unless they overlap in which case its easier) and spread them out over the course of the holiday.

That way everyone knows in advance what is happening and when and it stops arguments such as of bias or special treatment, because they each know that their opinion is being taken into account and it will happen.

That way if there is a day where you really want to see the squarium and someone else wants to see the old cathedral or whatever there are no arguments as you had it planned in outline before, or at least you can simply have todays fun and they have tomorrows... so much more civilised!

By: Stephanie

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