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How To Play Codewords

Games : Puzzles

Codewords is a puzzle whereby you are given a crossword grid with a difference.

You need to replace the numbers with a corresponding letter of the alphabet.

For instance, all the 1's may be S's all the 2's T's and so on.

You are given a few letters to start you off and need to work forward from there to work out all the letters.

All letters, A - Z, will be there.

The best way to start is to write in the given letters; these will be enough for you to work out a word, which you can then use to add more letters.


Look for frequent letters, these are normally the vowels and particularly E.

Note that the unusual letters are often in places that won't impact cross words, e.g. the Z may be in position two in a run that has crossovers at 1 and 5.

By: Fred

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