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How To Play Hashiwokakero

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Hashiwokakero is another puzzle that hails from Japan.

How to play this puzzle?

Well, this is also called The Island Game, because it is all about connecting individual islands together with lines.

The puzzle starts with various numbers in different circles. These are the islands. Let's say that an island has a '5' in it.

You then need to create '5' bridges exactly from that island to other islands immediately to the east, west, north or south.

Also a person travelling along the lines must be able to 'walk' from any island to another if desired. In other words, you need a continuous path between islands. Additionally every bridge must be with an immediately north, south, east or west island - they cannot 'skip out' or pass through other islands.

Finally, there can be up to two paths with other islands.

The best way to start is with the low numbers, for instance those with only one connection and one adjacent island can be filled in immediately.

Then work your way up from there. Good luck!

By: Fred

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