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How To Play Hitori

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Hitori is another grid based puzzle game from Japan.

It is one of the puzzles that has not caught on in the West, with sudoku still being the firm favourite as the first major export.

Some people may like hitori, but it lacks the fun and addictive element that many experience with sudoku puzzles.

A hitori puzzle is one of the few that starts with the grid full of numbers!

The aim is to colour in cells in hitori - over the numbers in the grid. The rules are simple:

- no integer can appear more than once in a row or column. Thus if the number '2' appears three times in a row on the grid, then you know that two instances must be removed.

- The coloured in cells cannot be adjacent to another cell, e.g. can only touch another black cell diagonally, if at all

- Finally, the white cells must be continuous - they must not be separated by black cells

By: Fred

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