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How To Play Kakuro

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Kakuro is the latest sudoku-type game that people have started to play, having also emigrated from Japan.

The game may be known as cross sum in the States, in any case it is a cross sum puzzle.

It works as follows.

You start with a grid that looks very much like that of a crossword, but whereas in a crossword, the numbers point to the clues, (e.g. 1 is 1 down or 1 across), in kakuro the numbers represent the sum of the integers in that row or column.

The aim is to enter digits 1 - 9 in the white cells to add up to the number stated. No digit can be duplicated.

Hence, to get 6, for instance, these are the valid combinations:
2 &4, 4 &2, 1 &5, 5&1. The could not have 6 & 0 as you must use 1 - 9, and also cannot have 3 & 3 as you cannot duplicate.

Grids can be of all different sizes, and they can get extremely difficult to play, not to mention addictive!

Play a free Kakuro Puzzle Now >>

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By: Dan

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