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How To Play The Piano Well


Want to know how to get better at playing the piano? The key is discipline. Many people who do not improve are generally making one of two mistakes: they are either not doing their scales and other basic work, or they are only playing the easy parts of the piece - and not practicing often enough.

It may sound simple, but to get better you really do have to practice your fingerwork; do your scales and arpeggios and chromatic scales regularly. This really will help. Also, when practicing the pieces, practice the hard parts - this can be frustrating, but really is the only way to get better.

By: Steffan Jones on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

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Long fingers can really help in piano and keyboard!!! - dont know if thats a great tip but anyway ........

But clever use of fingering and pedalling can often conceal small hands ;)

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