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Portfolios And Photos


Everybody has their selling tools. In most jobs, this is by way of the CV - it shows all the work that you have done to date, all the experience you have, and what you can bring to a job. Artists, on the other hand, have a portfolio of work that they can show off to others to say 'look what I can do'.

In a similar vein, models also use a portfolio - a collection of photographs - to show what they can do, and to give those they are trying to sell themselves too an idea of what they can do.

The photos, then are an important step. If you look at magazines then you will get an idea of styles that are currently 'in' and it is good to have a go at, and also ideas for other sorts of shots. You should try and get a diverse mix of shots taken of you: these include full body shots, and more focussed shots, for instance your face alone.

It is important to use a good photographer to get the best out of you and get you looking good; if they have a knowledge of different backdrops and tecniques then this can make a great difference.

It may be wise when looking for a photographer to ask to see some portfolios that they have produced in the past before you part with the little cash that you currently have. By all means shop around a bit if you are unconvinced.

It is best to go to a shoot with a friend or relative so as to help you to relax - you are bound to be quite nervous at first, this is very natural.

There is a temptation the first time that you model to over-pose, to adopt the ultra serious postures of the professionals.

However it is important to try and look natural especially in these sort of shots - your talent will still shine through, and otherwise you risk the danger of looking too forced.

When you have your photos, it is on to the next step...

By: Stella on Tue, Jun 11th 2002

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if you don't feel like spending money on your portfolio, or you are not sure if you want to be a model, but you want to try, please, drop me a line ;) i am a photography student, and i can photograph you. it should be good for both of us. i can practice and you will have a cd with your photographs, which you can use for your portfolio

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