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Postage Comparison Guide

Money : EBay

When you want to sell your item on eBay and you dont have a weighing scale to hand, or unable to nip to the post office, then here is a rough guideline to find out postage prices.

The Comparison Guide below gives example weights for many items.

But dont forget that if your item is too big to fit through a letter box, you will need to post it at the Post Office anyway, and will be able to weigh it there.

A letter or greeting card usually weighs 30 grams.

A standard size DL envelope with 4 sheets of A4 enclosed 44g.

A compact disc in a bubble envelope 130g

An A4 envelope with 20 sheets of A4 enclosed 160g

Mobile phone wrapped in bubble envelope 180g

DVD inside a bubble envelope 190g

Video cassette inside a bubble envelope 295g

400 page paper back book in a bubble envelope 310g

Pair of jeans 500g

Glossy magazine inside a bubble envelope 585g

Pair of trainers 1000g

Electric drill 2kg

Medium sized suitcase containing clothing 20kg

By: Danielle

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