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Prepare For A Winter Walk


If you go on a walk this winter then remember to prepare. Obviously you will need to wrap up in warm clothes. Go for a duvet jacket that has a hood, warm gloves, a hat and scarf, warm leggings and some spare dry socks. A lightweight shelter such as a bothybag and a sleeping mat to sit on is ideal. Make sure you drink lots of water and eat to keep your energy up.

If you are shivering, then you need to put another layer on, eat or find a shelter. If you cant get back to wherever you started then find a shelter and try to start a fire to keep warm. Obviously wet weather fire lighting skills will be needed, and this can be quite tricky to do.

If you have too many clothes on and walking fast is making you sweat, you will be even colder when you stop so make sure you have enough ventilation.

You could bring a thermal flask with a hot drink just in case you need warming up quickly.

By: Danielle

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