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How To Prepare To Teach English Abroad

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Many people find the idea of teaching English abroad appealling. But depending where you go to teach there may be many things to get used to. Not just language barriers but cultural differences.

As you move continent these things may get even more profound for instance going from the west to teach in the east somewhere or in africa perhaps.

Therefore be sure to prepare well in advance and to get lots of details on the country you are going to - laws, customs and things that are expected of you. If you are a female teacher particularly remember that there may be different things expected of you in the sense of less freedom to wear what you want and so forth.

Planning up front is the key to succeeding and mixing in well and having a good time when teaching abroad. If it is your first time abroad it is a good idea to go to a larger school where there will be someone else in a similar situation to you so that you can offer each other support.

By: Fred

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