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Prepare Your Water Feature For Winter

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Hopefully this is a timely article for people.

It's important to prepare your water feature or water features for winter as they can be damaged by frost, or from the water freezing.

Generally it is advised that you empty all the water from the water feature and remove the pump. The last thing you want is for water to freeze inside the pump which will break it (not good when you turn it back on in Spring!).

Emptying the water also stops the water freezing inside the sump or reservoir that could crack the water feature (water expands 10% when frozen).

When it's just getting colder, rather than freezing, it is possible to float a plastic ball on the water held in the water feature which will stop the water from freezing over, but this only helps if it doesn't get too cold. When it gets very cold, the water will still freeze and the ball will get frozen into it!

The last thing to do is cover the water feature, this can be with a specially designed water feature cover or simply with a piece of plastic or tarpaulin. This simply protects the water feature from the elements and from frost damage.

You can read more about preparing a water feature for winter here: Preparing your water feature for winter

By: UK Water Features

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