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Profit And Creativity

Business : Profits

Normally people of profit coming down to the tried and tested methods. The use of good marketing, good products, good benefits, good literature, good service skills and so on.

All of which is very true. But nonetheless there is still a significant place for creativity in any business, yet with the focus on the figures and the bottom line many companies lose sight of this.

But if you can come up with something creative and innovative that no-one else has used, you can steal a march on your competitors to such an extent that it will take them a long time to catch up, during which time you can improve even further.

We're not talking about a Dyson moment here where you revolutionise your industry. Simply an approach, for instance a novel marketing one, a fantastic new addition to an existing product that no-one has thought of - there are many ways that you can be really creative and offer something genuinely new to your customers without having an earth shattering idea.

So remember to value the role of the creatives and creativity in your business too, not just the number crunching and the day to day running of the business, as essential as that is. There is room for both elements, and a good business should encourage, embrace and foster both these elements.

By: Fred

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